Class LocalizedResourceHelper

  • public class LocalizedResourceHelper
    extends Object
    Helper class for loading a localized resource, specified through name, extension and current locale.
    Juergen Hoeller
    • Field Detail


        public static final String DEFAULT_SEPARATOR
        The default separator to use inbetween file name parts: an underscore
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    • Constructor Detail

      • LocalizedResourceHelper

        public LocalizedResourceHelper()
        Create a new LocalizedResourceHelper with a DefaultResourceLoader.
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      • LocalizedResourceHelper

        public LocalizedResourceHelper(ResourceLoader resourceLoader)
        Create a new LocalizedResourceHelper with the given ResourceLoader.
        resourceLoader - the ResourceLoader to use
    • Method Detail

      • setSeparator

        public void setSeparator(String separator)
        Set the separator to use inbetween file name parts. Default is an underscore ("_").
      • findLocalizedResource

        public Resource findLocalizedResource(String name,
                                     String extension,
                                     Locale locale)
        Find the most specific localized resource for the given name, extension and locale:

        The file will be searched with locations in the following order, similar to java.util.ResourceBundle's search order:

        • [name]_[language]_[country]_[variant][extension]
        • [name]_[language]_[country][extension]
        • [name]_[language][extension]
        • [name][extension]

        If none of the specific files can be found, a resource descriptor for the default location will be returned.

        name - the name of the file, without localization part nor extension
        extension - the file extension (e.g. ".xls")
        locale - the current locale (may be null)
        the most specific localized resource found
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