Class CompositePropertySource

  • public class CompositePropertySource
    extends PropertySource<Object>
    Composite PropertySource implementation that iterates over a set of PropertySource instances. Necessary in cases where multiple property sources share the same name, e.g. when multiple values are supplied to @PropertySource.
    Chris Beams
    • Constructor Detail

      • CompositePropertySource

        public CompositePropertySource(String name)
        Create a new CompositePropertySource.
        name - the name of the property source
    • Method Detail

      • addPropertySource

        public void addPropertySource(PropertySource<?> propertySource)
      • toString

        public String toString()
        Description copied from class: PropertySource
        Produce concise output (type and name) if the current log level does not include debug. If debug is enabled, produce verbose output including the hash code of the PropertySource instance and every name/value property pair.

        This variable verbosity is useful as a property source such as system properties or environment variables may contain an arbitrary number of property pairs, potentially leading to difficult to read exception and log messages.

        toString in class  PropertySource<Object>
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