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Interface Messages

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      • reachedEndOfXMLDocUnexpectedly

                 value="Unexpectedly reached end of XML document: %s")
        IllegalStateException reachedEndOfXMLDocUnexpectedly(String descriptor)
      • unsupportedAddressingResponseType

                 value="Unsupported port-component addressing response type \'%s\'. Only ALL, ANONYMOUS or NON_ANONYMOUS strings are allowed.")
        IllegalArgumentException unsupportedAddressingResponseType(String responseType)
      • couldNotGetPropertyName

                 value="Could not get a property name parsing: %s")
        IllegalStateException couldNotGetPropertyName(String descriptor)
      • cannotMatchAgainstNull

                 value="Cannot match port-component-ref against null service endpoint interface and port QName")
        IllegalArgumentException cannotMatchAgainstNull()
      • couldNotGetFeatureName

                 value="Could not get a feature name parsing: %s")
        IllegalStateException couldNotGetFeatureName(String descriptor)
      • readingExternalEntitiesDisabled

                 value="Reading external entities is disabled")
        XMLStreamException readingExternalEntitiesDisabled()
      • couldNotParseStream

                 value="Could not parse stream")
        RuntimeException couldNotParseStream(@Cause
                                                                                                         Throwable cause)
      • cannotGetURLFor

                 value="Cannot get URL for %s")
        IOException cannotGetURLFor(String path)

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