Class UnifiedPortComponentRefMetaData

  • java.lang.Object
    • org.jboss.wsf.spi.metadata.j2ee.serviceref.UnifiedPortComponentRefMetaData
    • Constructor Detail

      • UnifiedPortComponentRefMetaData

        public UnifiedPortComponentRefMetaData(boolean addressingAnnotationSpecified,
                                               boolean addressingEnabled,
                                               boolean addressingRequired,
                                               String addressingResponses,
                                               boolean mtomEnabled,
                                               int mtomThreshold,
                                               boolean respectBindingAnnotationSpecified,
                                               boolean respectBindingEnabled,
                                               String portComponentLink,
                                               String serviceEndpointInterface,
                                               QName portQName,
                                               List<UnifiedStubPropertyMetaData> stubProps,
                                               String configFile,
                                               String configName)
    • Method Detail

      • isAddressingAnnotationSpecified

        public boolean isAddressingAnnotationSpecified()
      • isAddressingEnabled

        public boolean isAddressingEnabled()
      • isAddressingRequired

        public boolean isAddressingRequired()
      • getAddressingResponses

        public String getAddressingResponses()
      • setMtomEnabled

        public void setMtomEnabled(boolean mtomEnabled)
      • isMtomEnabled

        public boolean isMtomEnabled()
      • getMtomThreshold

        public int getMtomThreshold()
      • isRespectBindingAnnotationSpecified

        public boolean isRespectBindingAnnotationSpecified()
      • isRespectBindingEnabled

        public boolean isRespectBindingEnabled()
      • getPortComponentLink

        public String getPortComponentLink()
        The port-component-link element links a port-component-ref to a specific port-component required to be made available by a service reference. The value of a port-component-link must be the port-component-name of a port-component in the same module or another module in the same application unit. The syntax for specification follows the syntax defined for ejb-link in the EJB 2.0 specification.
      • getServiceEndpointInterface

        public String getServiceEndpointInterface()
      • getPortQName

        public QName getPortQName()
      • getConfigFile

        public String getConfigFile()
      • getConfigName

        public String getConfigName()
      • matches

        public boolean matches(String seiName,
                               QName portName)

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