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Interface MAP

  • public interface MAP
    Message Addressing Properties is a wrapper for the stack-specific JSR-261 addressing properties classes implemented by JBossWS Native and CXF. It is used to localize dependence upon the WS stack.
    Andrew Dinn, Alessio Soldano
    • Method Detail

      • getMessageID

        String getMessageID()
      • setTo

        void setTo(String address)
      • setMessageID

        void setMessageID(String messageID)
      • setAction

        void setAction(String action)
      • addReferenceParameter

        void addReferenceParameter(Element refParam)
      • getReferenceParameters

        List<Object> getReferenceParameters()
      • initializeAsDestination

        void initializeAsDestination(MAPEndpoint epref)
      • installOutboundMapOnServerSide

        void installOutboundMapOnServerSide(Map<String,Object> requestContext,
                                            MAP map)
      • installOutboundMapOnClientSide

        void installOutboundMapOnClientSide(Map<String,Object> requestContext,
                                            MAP map)

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