Group: org.hamcrest

Group Id org.hamcrest
Last Updated Oct 16, 2019
Last Sync Time Nov 6, 2021


Artifact Id Description Last Updated
hamcrest Core API and libraries of hamcrest matcher framework. Oct 16, 2019
hamcrest-all A self-contained hamcrest jar containing all of the sub-modules in a single artifact. Jul 9, 2012
hamcrest-api Hamcrest API Apr 30, 2007
hamcrest-core Core Hamcrest API - deprecated, please use "hamcrest" instead Oct 16, 2019
hamcrest-generator A tool to allow many Matcher implementations to be combined into a single class so users don't have to remember many classes/packages to import. Generates code. Jul 9, 2012
hamcrest-integration Provides integration between Hamcrest and other testing tools, including JUnit (3 and 4), TestNG, jMock and EasyMock. Jul 9, 2012
hamcrest-junit Classes to use Hamcrest matchers within JUnit tests Feb 12, 2015
hamcrest-library A library of Hamcrest matchers - deprecated, please use "hamcrest" instead Oct 16, 2019
hamcrest-parent General parent POM for all hamcrest libraries. Jul 9, 2012
java-hamcrest Hamcrest matcher library for Java Jan 18, 2015