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Packages that use TestClass
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 
org.junit.runners Provides standard Runner implementations. 


Constructors in org.junit.experimental.theories with parameters of type TestClass
Theories.TheoryAnchor(FrameworkMethod testMethod, TestClass testClass)
Theories(TestClass testClass)


Methods in org.junit.runner with parameters of type TestClass
 List<Exception> OrderWithValidator.validateAnnotatedClass(TestClass testClass)
          Adds to errors a throwable for each problem detected.


Methods in org.junit.runners that return TestClass
protected  TestClass ParentRunner.createTestClass(Class<?> testClass)
          Deprecated. Please use ParentRunner.ParentRunner(org.junit.runners.model.TestClass).
 TestClass ParentRunner.getTestClass()
          Returns a TestClass object wrapping the class to be executed.

Constructors in org.junit.runners with parameters of type TestClass
BlockJUnit4ClassRunner(TestClass testClass)
          Creates a BlockJUnit4ClassRunner to run testClass.
ParentRunner(TestClass testClass)
          Constructs a new ParentRunner that will run the TestClass.


Methods in org.junit.runners.parameterized that return TestClass
 TestClass TestWithParameters.getTestClass()

Constructors in org.junit.runners.parameterized with parameters of type TestClass
TestWithParameters(String name, TestClass testClass, List<Object> parameters)


Methods in org.junit.validator with parameters of type TestClass
 List<Exception> AnnotationValidator.validateAnnotatedClass(TestClass testClass)
          Validates annotation on the given class.
 List<Exception> PublicClassValidator.validateTestClass(TestClass testClass)
          Validate that the specified TestClass is public.
 List<Exception> TestClassValidator.validateTestClass(TestClass testClass)
          Validate a single facet of a test class.
 List<Exception> AnnotationsValidator.validateTestClass(TestClass testClass)
          Validate all annotations of the specified test class that are be annotated with ValidateWith.

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