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Packages that use RunnerBuilder
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 
org.junit.runners Provides standard Runner implementations. 


Methods in org.junit.experimental with parameters of type RunnerBuilder
protected  Runner ParallelComputer.getRunner(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?> testClass)
 Runner ParallelComputer.getSuite(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?>[] classes)


Constructors in org.junit.experimental.categories with parameters of type RunnerBuilder
Categories(Class<?> klass, RunnerBuilder builder)


Constructors in org.junit.experimental.runners with parameters of type RunnerBuilder
Enclosed(Class<?> klass, RunnerBuilder builder)
          Only called reflectively.


Methods in org.junit.runner with parameters of type RunnerBuilder
protected  Runner Computer.getRunner(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?> testClass)
          Create a single-class runner for testClass, using builder
 Runner Computer.getSuite(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?>[] classes)
          Create a suite for classes, building Runners with builder.


Constructors in org.junit.runners with parameters of type RunnerBuilder
Suite(Class<?> klass, RunnerBuilder builder)
          Called reflectively on classes annotated with @RunWith(Suite.class)
Suite(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?>[] classes)
          Call this when there is no single root class (for example, multiple class names passed on the command line to JUnitCore
Suite(RunnerBuilder builder, Class<?> klass, Class<?>[] suiteClasses)
          Called by this class and subclasses once the classes making up the suite have been determined

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