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Packages that use Failure
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 
org.junit.runner.notification Provides information about a test run. 


Methods in org.junit.experimental.results that return types with arguments of type Failure
 List<Failure> PrintableResult.failures()
          Returns the failures in this result.

Constructor parameters in org.junit.experimental.results with type arguments of type Failure
PrintableResult(List<Failure> failures)
          A result that includes the given failures


Methods in org.junit.runner that return types with arguments of type Failure
 List<Failure> Result.getFailures()
          Returns the Failures describing tests that failed and the problems they encountered


Methods in org.junit.runner.notification with parameters of type Failure
 void RunNotifier.fireTestAssumptionFailed(Failure failure)
          Invoke to tell listeners that an atomic test flagged that it assumed something false.
 void RunNotifier.fireTestFailure(Failure failure)
          Invoke to tell listeners that an atomic test failed.
 void RunListener.testAssumptionFailure(Failure failure)
          Called when an atomic test flags that it assumes a condition that is false
 void RunListener.testFailure(Failure failure)
          Called when an atomic test fails, or when a listener throws an exception.

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