Uses of Class

Packages that use Sorter
junit.framework Provides JUnit v3.x core classes. 
org.junit.runner.manipulation Provides classes to filter or sort tests. 
org.junit.runners Provides standard Runner implementations. 

Uses of Sorter in junit.framework

Methods in junit.framework with parameters of type Sorter
 void JUnit4TestAdapter.sort(Sorter sorter)


Subclasses of Sorter in org.junit.runner.manipulation
 class Alphanumeric
          A sorter that orders tests alphanumerically by test name.

Fields in org.junit.runner.manipulation declared as Sorter
static Sorter Sorter.NULL
          NULL is a Sorter that leaves elements in an undefined order

Methods in org.junit.runner.manipulation with parameters of type Sorter
 void Sortable.sort(Sorter sorter)
          Sorts the tests using sorter


Methods in org.junit.runners with parameters of type Sorter
 void ParentRunner.sort(Sorter sorter)

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