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Packages that use TestResult
junit.extensions Provides extended functionality for JUnit v3.x. 
junit.framework Provides JUnit v3.x core classes. 
junit.textui Provides JUnit v3.x command line based tool to run tests. 


Methods in junit.extensions with parameters of type TestResult
 void TestDecorator.basicRun(TestResult result)
          The basic run behaviour.
 void result)
 void result)
 void result)
 void result)
 void ActiveTestSuite.runTest(Test test, TestResult result)


Methods in junit.framework that return TestResult
protected  TestResult TestCase.createResult()
          Creates a default TestResult object.
          A convenience method to run this test, collecting the results with a default TestResult object.

Methods in junit.framework with parameters of type TestResult
 RunNotifier JUnit4TestAdapterCache.getNotifier(TestResult result, JUnit4TestAdapter adapter)
 void result)
          Runs the tests and collects their result in a TestResult.
 void result)
          Runs the test case and collects the results in TestResult.
 void result)
          Runs a test and collects its result in a TestResult instance.
 void result)
 void result)
 void TestSuite.runTest(Test test, TestResult result)


Methods in junit.textui that return TestResult
protected  TestResult TestRunner.createTestResult()
          Creates the TestResult to be used for the test run.
 TestResult TestRunner.doRun(Test test)
 TestResult TestRunner.doRun(Test suite, boolean wait)
static TestResult test)
          Runs a single test and collects its results.
protected  TestResult TestRunner.runSingleMethod(String testCase, String method, boolean wait)
 TestResult TestRunner.start(String[] args)
          Starts a test run.

Methods in junit.textui with parameters of type TestResult
protected  void ResultPrinter.printErrors(TestResult result)
protected  void ResultPrinter.printFailures(TestResult result)
protected  void ResultPrinter.printFooter(TestResult result)

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