Uses of Interface

Packages that use TestListener
junit.framework Provides JUnit v3.x core classes. 
junit.runner Provides JUnit v3.x test runners. 
junit.textui Provides JUnit v3.x command line based tool to run tests. 


Fields in junit.framework with type parameters of type TestListener
protected  List<TestListener> TestResult.fListeners

Methods in junit.framework with parameters of type TestListener
 void TestResult.addListener(TestListener listener)
          Registers a TestListener.
 void TestResult.removeListener(TestListener listener)
          Unregisters a TestListener.


Classes in junit.runner that implement TestListener
 class BaseTestRunner
          Base class for all test runners.


Classes in junit.textui that implement TestListener
 class ResultPrinter
 class TestRunner
          A command line based tool to run tests.

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