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Packages that use Test
junit.extensions Provides extended functionality for JUnit v3.x. 
junit.framework Provides JUnit v3.x core classes. 
junit.runner Provides JUnit v3.x test runners. 
junit.textui Provides JUnit v3.x command line based tool to run tests. 
org.junit.runner Provides classes used to describe, collect, run and analyze multiple tests. 

Uses of Test in junit.extensions

Classes in junit.extensions that implement Test
 class ActiveTestSuite
          A TestSuite for active Tests.
 class RepeatedTest
          A Decorator that runs a test repeatedly.
 class TestDecorator
          A Decorator for Tests.
 class TestSetup
          A Decorator to set up and tear down additional fixture state.

Fields in junit.extensions declared as Test
protected  Test TestDecorator.fTest

Methods in junit.extensions that return Test
 Test TestDecorator.getTest()

Methods in junit.extensions with parameters of type Test
 void ActiveTestSuite.runTest(Test test, TestResult result)

Constructors in junit.extensions with parameters of type Test
RepeatedTest(Test test, int repeat)
TestDecorator(Test test)
TestSetup(Test test)

Uses of Test in junit.framework

Classes in junit.framework that implement Test
 class JUnit4TestAdapter
          The JUnit4TestAdapter enables running JUnit-4-style tests using a JUnit-3-style test runner.
 class JUnit4TestCaseFacade
 class TestCase
          A test case defines the fixture to run multiple tests.
 class TestSuite
          A TestSuite is a Composite of Tests.

Fields in junit.framework declared as Test
protected  Test TestFailure.fFailedTest

Methods in junit.framework that return Test
 Test JUnit4TestAdapterCache.asTest(Description description)
static Test TestSuite.createTest(Class<?> theClass, String name)
 the moon sets over the early morning Merlin, Oregon mountains, our intrepid adventurers type...
 Test TestFailure.failedTest()
          Gets the failed test.
 Test TestSuite.testAt(int index)
          Returns the test at the given index.
static Test TestSuite.warning(String message)
          Returns a test which will fail and log a warning message.

Methods in junit.framework that return types with arguments of type Test
 List<Test> JUnit4TestAdapterCache.asTestList(Description description)
 List<Test> JUnit4TestAdapter.getTests()
 Enumeration<Test> TestSuite.tests()
          Returns the tests as an enumeration.

Methods in junit.framework with parameters of type Test
 void TestResult.addError(Test test, Throwable e)
          Adds an error to the list of errors.
 void TestListener.addError(Test test, Throwable e)
          An error occurred.
 void TestResult.addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError e)
          Adds a failure to the list of failures.
 void TestListener.addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError e)
          A failure occurred.
 void TestSuite.addTest(Test test)
          Adds a test to the suite.
 void TestResult.endTest(Test test)
          Informs the result that a test was completed.
 void TestListener.endTest(Test test)
          A test ended.
 void TestResult.runProtected(Test test, Protectable p)
          Runs a TestCase.
 void TestSuite.runTest(Test test, TestResult result)
 void TestResult.startTest(Test test)
          Informs the result that a test will be started.
 void TestListener.startTest(Test test)
          A test started.

Constructors in junit.framework with parameters of type Test
TestFailure(Test failedTest, Throwable thrownException)
          Constructs a TestFailure with the given test and exception.

Uses of Test in junit.runner

Methods in junit.runner that return Test
 Test BaseTestRunner.getTest(String suiteClassName)
          Returns the Test corresponding to the given suite.

Methods in junit.runner with parameters of type Test
 void BaseTestRunner.addError(Test test, Throwable e)
 void BaseTestRunner.addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError e)
 void BaseTestRunner.endTest(Test test)
 void BaseTestRunner.startTest(Test test)
abstract  void BaseTestRunner.testFailed(int status, Test test, Throwable e)

Uses of Test in junit.textui

Methods in junit.textui with parameters of type Test
 void ResultPrinter.addError(Test test, Throwable e)
 void ResultPrinter.addFailure(Test test, AssertionFailedError t)
 TestResult TestRunner.doRun(Test test)
 TestResult TestRunner.doRun(Test suite, boolean wait)
 void ResultPrinter.endTest(Test test)
static TestResult test)
          Runs a single test and collects its results.
static void TestRunner.runAndWait(Test suite)
          Runs a single test and waits until the user types RETURN.
 void ResultPrinter.startTest(Test test)
 void TestRunner.testFailed(int status, Test test, Throwable e)

Uses of Test in org.junit.runner

Methods in org.junit.runner with parameters of type Test
 Result test)
          Run all the tests contained in JUnit 3.8.x test.

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