Class TailerListenerAdapter

    • Constructor Detail

      • TailerListenerAdapter

        public TailerListenerAdapter()
    • Method Detail

      • init

        public void init(Tailer tailer)
        The tailer will call this method during construction, giving the listener a method of stopping the tailer.
        Specified by:
        init in interface  TailerListener
        tailer - the tailer.
      • fileNotFound

        public void fileNotFound()
        This method is called if the tailed file is not found.
        Specified by:
        fileNotFound in interface  TailerListener
      • fileRotated

        public void fileRotated()
        Called if a file rotation is detected. This method is called before the file is reopened, and fileNotFound may be called if the new file has not yet been created.
        Specified by:
        fileRotated in interface  TailerListener
      • handle

        public void handle(String line)
        Handles a line from a Tailer.
        Specified by:
        handle in interface  TailerListener
        line - the line.
      • handle

        public void handle(Exception ex)
        Handles an Exception .
        Specified by:
        handle in interface  TailerListener
        ex - the exception.
      • endOfFileReached

        public void endOfFileReached()
        Called each time the Tailer reaches the end of the file. Note: this is called from the tailer thread. Note: a future version of commons-io will pull this method up to the TailerListener interface, for now clients must subclass this class to use this feature.

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