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Class Languages

  • public class Languages
    extends Object
    Language codes.

    Language codes are typically loaded from resource files. These are UTF-8 encoded text files. They are systematically named following the pattern:

    org/apache/commons/codec/language/bm/${ NameType.getName() languages.txt

    The format of these resources is the following:

    • Language: a single string containing no whitespace
    • End-of-line comments: Any occurrence of '//' will cause all text following on that line to be discarded as a comment.
    • Multi-line comments: Any line starting with '/*' will start multi-line commenting mode. This will skip all content until a line ending in '*' and '/' is found.
    • Blank lines: All blank lines will be skipped.

    Ported from language.php

    This class is immutable and thread-safe.


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