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Class Metaphone

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Encoder, StringEncoder

    public class Metaphone
    extends Object
    implements StringEncoder
    Encodes a string into a Metaphone value.

    Initial Java implementation by William B. Brogden. December, 1997. Permission given by wbrogden for code to be used anywhere.

    Hanging on the Metaphone by Lawrence Philips in Computer Language of Dec. 1990, p 39.

    Note, that this does not match the algorithm that ships with PHP, or the algorithm found in the Perl implementations:

    They have had undocumented changes from the originally published algorithm. For more information, see CODEC-57.

    This class is conditionally thread-safe. The instance field for maximum code length is mutable setMaxCodeLen(int) but is not volatile, and accesses are not synchronized. If an instance of the class is shared between threads, the caller needs to ensure that suitable synchronization is used to ensure safe publication of the value between threads, and must not invoke setMaxCodeLen(int) after initial setup.

    • Constructor Detail

      • Metaphone

        public Metaphone()
        Creates an instance of the Metaphone encoder
    • Method Detail

      • metaphone

        public String metaphone(String txt)
        Find the metaphone value of a String. This is similar to the soundex algorithm, but better at finding similar sounding words. All input is converted to upper case. Limitations: Input format is expected to be a single ASCII word with only characters in the A - Z range, no punctuation or numbers.
        txt - String to find the metaphone code for
        A metaphone code corresponding to the String supplied
      • encode

        public Object encode(Object obj)
                      throws EncoderException
        Encodes an Object using the metaphone algorithm. This method is provided in order to satisfy the requirements of the Encoder interface, and will throw an EncoderException if the supplied object is not of type java.lang.String.
        Specified by:
        encode in interface  Encoder
        obj - Object to encode
        An object (or type java.lang.String) containing the metaphone code which corresponds to the String supplied.
        EncoderException - if the parameter supplied is not of type java.lang.String
      • encode

        public String encode(String str)
        Encodes a String using the Metaphone algorithm.
        Specified by:
        encode in interface  StringEncoder
        str - String object to encode
        The metaphone code corresponding to the String supplied
      • isMetaphoneEqual

        public boolean isMetaphoneEqual(String str1,
                                        String str2)
        Tests is the metaphones of two strings are identical.
        str1 - First of two strings to compare
        str2 - Second of two strings to compare
        true if the metaphones of these strings are identical, false otherwise.
      • getMaxCodeLen

        public int getMaxCodeLen()
        Returns the maxCodeLen.
      • setMaxCodeLen

        public void setMaxCodeLen(int maxCodeLen)
        Sets the maxCodeLen.
        maxCodeLen - The maxCodeLen to set

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