Class MurmurHash3.IncrementalHash32

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    Use IncrementalHash32x86. This corrects the processing of trailing bytes.

    public static class MurmurHash3.IncrementalHash32
    extends MurmurHash3.IncrementalHash32x86
    Generates 32-bit hash from input bytes. Bytes can be added incrementally and the new hash computed.

    This is an implementation of the 32-bit hash function MurmurHash3_x86_32 from from Austin Applyby's original MurmurHash3 c++ code in SMHasher.

    This implementation contains a sign-extension bug in the finalization step of any bytes left over from dividing the length by 4. This manifests if any of these bytes are negative.

    • Constructor Detail

      • IncrementalHash32

        public IncrementalHash32()

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