类 RichTextStringData

  • public class RichTextStringData
    extends Object
    rich text string
    Jiaju Zhuang
    • 构造器详细资料

      • RichTextStringData

        public RichTextStringData(String textString)
    • 方法详细资料

      • applyFont

        public void applyFont(int startIndex,
                              int endIndex,
                              WriteFont writeFont)
        Applies a font to the specified characters of a string.
        startIndex - The start index to apply the font to (inclusive)
        endIndex - The end index to apply to font to (exclusive)
        writeFont - The font to use.
      • applyFont

        public void applyFont(WriteFont writeFont)
        Sets the font of the entire string.
        writeFont - The font to use.

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