类 ClientAnchorData

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    public class ClientAnchorData
    extends CoordinateData
    A client anchor is attached to an excel worksheet. It anchors against absolute coordinates, a top-left cell and fixed height and width, or a top-left and bottom-right cell, depending on the ClientAnchorData.AnchorType:
    1. ClientAnchor.AnchorType#DONT_MOVE_AND_RESIZE == absolute top-left coordinates and width/height, no cell references
    2. ClientAnchor.AnchorType#MOVE_DONT_RESIZE == fixed top-left cell reference, absolute width/height
    3. ClientAnchor.AnchorType#MOVE_AND_RESIZE == fixed top-left and bottom-right cell references, dynamic width/height
    Note this class only reports the current values for possibly calculated positions and sizes. If the sheet row/column sizes or positions shift, this needs updating via external calculations.
    Jiaju Zhuang
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      • ClientAnchorData

        public ClientAnchorData()

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