枚举 HorizontalAlignmentEnum

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    Serializable, Comparable< HorizontalAlignmentEnum>

    public enum HorizontalAlignmentEnum
    extends Enum<HorizontalAlignmentEnum>
    The enumeration value indicating horizontal alignment of a cell, i.e., whether it is aligned general, left, right, horizontally centered, filled (replicated), justified, centered across multiple cells, or distributed.
    Jiaju Zhuang
    • 枚举常量详细资料

      • GENERAL

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum GENERAL
        The horizontal alignment is general-aligned. Text data is left-aligned. Numbers, dates, and times are rightaligned. Boolean types are centered. Changing the alignment does not change the type of data.
      • LEFT

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum LEFT
        The horizontal alignment is left-aligned, even in Rightto-Left mode. Aligns contents at the left edge of the cell. If an indent amount is specified, the contents of the cell is indented from the left by the specified number of character spaces. The character spaces are based on the default font and font size for the workbook.
      • CENTER

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum CENTER
        The horizontal alignment is centered, meaning the text is centered across the cell.
      • RIGHT

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum RIGHT
        The horizontal alignment is right-aligned, meaning that cell contents are aligned at the right edge of the cell, even in Right-to-Left mode.
      • FILL

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum FILL
        Indicates that the value of the cell should be filled across the entire width of the cell. If blank cells to the right also have the fill alignment, they are also filled with the value, using a convention similar to centerContinuous. Additional rules:
        1. Only whole values can be appended, not partial values.
        2. The column will not be widened to 'best fit' the filled value
        3. If appending an additional occurrence of the value exceeds the boundary of the cell left/right edge, don't append the additional occurrence of the value.
        4. The display value of the cell is filled, not the underlying raw number.
      • JUSTIFY

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum JUSTIFY
        The horizontal alignment is justified (flush left and right). For each line of text, aligns each line of the wrapped text in a cell to the right and left (except the last line). If no single line of text wraps in the cell, then the text is not justified.

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum CENTER_SELECTION
        The horizontal alignment is centered across multiple cells. The information about how many cells to span is expressed in the Sheet Part, in the row of the cell in question. For each cell that is spanned in the alignment, a cell element needs to be written out, with the same style Id which references the centerContinuous alignment.

        public static final HorizontalAlignmentEnum DISTRIBUTED
        Indicates that each 'word' in each line of text inside the cell is evenly distributed across the width of the cell, with flush right and left margins.

        When there is also an indent value to apply, both the left and right side of the cell are padded by the indent value.

        A 'word' is a set of characters with no space character in them.

        Two lines inside a cell are separated by a carriage return.

    • 方法详细资料

      • values

        public static HorizontalAlignmentEnum[] values()
        按照声明该枚举类型的常量的顺序, 返回 包含这些常量的数组。该方法可用于迭代 常量, 如下所示:
        for (HorizontalAlignmentEnum c : HorizontalAlignmentEnum.values())
      • valueOf

        public static HorizontalAlignmentEnum valueOf(String name)
        返回带有指定名称的该类型的枚举常量。 字符串必须与用于声明该类型的枚举常量的 标识符 完全匹配。(不允许有多余 的空格字符。)
        name - 要返回的枚举常量的名称。
        IllegalArgumentException - 如果该枚举类型没有带有指定名称的常量
        NullPointerException - 如果参数为空值

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