类 AnalysisCell

  • public class AnalysisCell
    extends Object
    Read the cells of the template while populating the data.
    Jiaju Zhuang
    • 构造器详细资料

      • AnalysisCell

        public AnalysisCell()
    • 方法详细资料

      • getColumnIndex

        public int getColumnIndex()
      • setColumnIndex

        public void setColumnIndex(int columnIndex)
      • getRowIndex

        public int getRowIndex()
      • setRowIndex

        public void setRowIndex(int rowIndex)
      • getVariableList

        public List<String> getVariableList()
      • setVariableList

        public void setVariableList(List<String> variableList)
      • getPrepareDataList

        public List<String> getPrepareDataList()
      • setPrepareDataList

        public void setPrepareDataList(List<String> prepareDataList)
      • getOnlyOneVariable

        public Boolean getOnlyOneVariable()
      • setOnlyOneVariable

        public void setOnlyOneVariable(Boolean onlyOneVariable)
      • getFirstColumn

        public Boolean getFirstColumn()
      • setFirstColumn

        public void setFirstColumn(Boolean firstColumn)
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode 在类中  Object

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